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Sydney Festival - Theatre Tickets


SYDFEST is a three-week festival including theatre, dance, circus, music and art. Join from 8-26 January 2020.

AIR PLAY: A family-friendly comedy, circus and theatre into a visual poem constructed of images seemingly sewn from the sky.

COLOSSUS: Is a crowd more than the sum of its parts? To what extent is the mood of acrowd a reflection of its individuals, and how are those individuals changedby the experience of humanity en masse?

FERRYTHON: Sydney Harbour hosts annual ocean extravaganza Ferrython, one ofAustralia’s most popular and iconic free events.

ROMANCES INCIERTOS, UN AUTRE ORLANDO: Choreographer-dancer-singer François Chaignaud and four period-instrumentmusicians, slice through Spanish history from the Golden Age to the 21stcentury.

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8-26 January 2020