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One World Observatory

There are a million things to experience in New York City, but only one way to truly see them all. Start by ascending to the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere in less than sixty seconds, then look toward the horizon and feel the city's invincible spirt. Take in the iconic sights, surrounding waters and panoramic views of the skyline and beyond. Explore three levels filled with innovation and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the bustling crossroads of the world at the See Forever Theater. Engage with City Pulse and our global ambassadors as they share stories of this amazing city. Step onto the expansive Sky Portal and take a walk high above the streets of New York. Start with an experience unlike any other. Start at One World Observatory. 

Observatory located on floors 100-102 of One World Trade Center, with exhibits & restaurants.

We have found 2 ticket option(s) for you!

One World Observatory - A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Start by ascending to the top of the tallest buiding in the Western Hemisphere in less than a minute.  Ride to the 102nd floor in a Sky Pod, and experience a virtual time-lapse that recreates the development of New York City’s skyline from the 1500s to present day.

On the 100th floor of the Observatory, also known as the Discovery Level, Guests experience expansive, 360-degree views in all directions, taking in the iconic sights, surrounding waters and panoramic views of the city and beyond.

The Main Observatory also features the Sky Portal.  Guests are invited to step onto a 14-foot wide circular disc that delivers an unforgettable view, using real-time, high-definitiion footage of the streets below.  

Our timed entry tickets (available in 15 minute increments) guarantee your speedy entrance at the time you select.

Additional Explorer - ADD ON Ticket Available!!!!

One World Explorer- A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

The One World Explorer ia a rental of our special iPads that give you a augmented-reality.
The devise has access to the information in 8 different languages!!

(English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi)

**This is an ADD ON Ticket: YOU NEED AN Regular ADMISSION Ticket **

When you arrive at One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, hop in a Sky Pod and arrive on the 102nd floor in less than a minute. The Sky Pod provides a virtual time-lapse experience so you can see how New York City has changed over the centuries. If you thought the elevator ride was cool, you'll be blown away by the One World Observatory's vantage point, which on a clear day, provides a sight line of about 50 miles.  Look out at the most stunning view of New York City you have ever seen.  

Watch a video about the making of the 1,776-foot-tall skyscraper, and then look out the panoramic windows for one-of-a-kind New York City views. At the See Forever Theater, see time-lapse photos and aerial imagery during a unique 2-minute video presentation.

Guests need to check out the Main Observatory on the 100th floor, where you can step onto a 14-foot-wide disc in the floor and look down for an incredible perspective of real-time, high-definition footage of Manhattan's streets.

Don't leave without stopping by City Pulse, an interactive experience that connects visitors with New York's landmarks and neighborhoods. 

One World Observatory™ ONE offers three distinct dining options on the 101st floor. Access to the curated eateries are available to Guests with Observatory tickets.

ONE CAFE - Serving up a selection fo handrafted, made-to-order menu items to fuel any appetite.  (No advanced reservations accepted).
ONE MIX - Handcrafted small plates and cocktails celebrating New York.  (No advanced reservations accepted). 
ONE DINE - Extraordinary food, wine, and skyline views. (Requires advanced reservations). 

Languages Available with the One World Explorer - Add on ticket :
English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi

THE ONE WORLD EXPLORER adds a unique view-enhancing with an iPad experience, offering virtual helicopter tours of New York’s most iconic landmarks. The spectacular view seen from the observatory is brought up-close in an interactive sight and sound experience where users simply scan the skyline and choose what they wish to explore. Over forty of New York’s most important and interesting sights are highlighted for video content, including a section of special interest to kids. Touch one of the landmarks and be flown there for an up close and personal vantage point to learn about what makes New York City so unique and amazing. 

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See Forever at One World Observatory at One World Trade Center.