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EPIC Ireland at CHQ Dublin


EPIC Ireland is located in the beautiful vaults of the iconic chq Building, situated on Custom House Quay in the centre of Dublin. This 21st century museum is dedicated to remembering and celebrating Ireland’s Diaspora. It tells the story of how this island’s people spread around the globe and how they changed the world. Told through 20 state-of-the-art immersive and interactive galleries, the exhibit brings visitors on a journey in the footsteps of some of the 10 million people who left this island and delivers an emotive and powerful experience.

The galleries are organised into 4 compelling themes of migrationmotivationinfluence and connection. These themes explore the stories of adventure and tragedy that have shaped the narrative of Irish emigration.

Come and discover the dynamic visitor attraction EPIC Ireland which tells the epic untold stories of Irish Diaspora.