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Amsterdam Ice Bar


Welcome to the coolest attraction in Amsterdam, where our host Willem Barentsz welcomes you into his world as a Dutch explorer. Experience the feeling of living on his ship the Mercury in 1596. Survive the hardships of the extreme cold and be brave enough when the ship strands on the island of Nova Zembla. You will be surprised by the 60 ton of natural ice which is shaped into the coastline of the island. The crew lasted for 9 months! How long will you be able to last on the ice cold Nova Zembla?

Amsterdam Icebar Xtracold – The Nova Zembla Experience

We have found 3 ticket option(s) for you!

Amsterdam Ice Bar - includes 3 FREE DRINKS!


  • Experience the cool vibes & climate of Amsterdam's Ice Bar
  • Enjoy a welcome cocktail in the lounge
  • Marvel at a bar constructed from 35 tons of ice
  • Wrap up warm in the provided winter wear
  • Drink from glasses made out of ice
  • Choice of two alcoholic drinks (Smirnoff cocktail or Extra Cold Heineken beer) or two soft drinks

By far the coolest attraction in town, fashioned  completely from ice – with frozen furniture, walls and even glasses! You’ll be given special thermal clothing and gloves to wear before you step into the frosty bar with a temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 10 degrees Celsius)! Once inside, spend 30 minutes relaxing at leisure, enjoying either a Smirnoff cocktail or Heineken beer; or take part in a 3D ride experience over icebergs and along steep cliffs in a frozen landscape.

*This ticket is only valid until 18:00!
This product is very popular, it is possible that the schedule or date that you have chosen are no longer available. In this case, you will be offered a different time of visit when exchanging your voucher at the Ice Bar.

Enjoy a refreshing beverage at a temperate of minus 10 degrees Celsius at Amsterdam's Icebar, the city’s coolest drinks venue!

Once you’ve exchanged your voucher for a designated time slot, marvel at a building constructed almost entirely from ice. Everything from the walls and furniture to the very glass you sip your beverage out of is made of natural ice.

After a welcome, freshly made cocktail in the lounge, snuggle into the provided winter wear and savor the ambient light and ice sculptures of the Icebar.

Keep yourself warm from the icy temperatures as you sip on 2 free house drinks. The “cool” factor goes even further than the general climate; mood lighting and toe-tapping party tunes complete the scene

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Amsterdam Icebar Xtracold – The Nova Zembla Experience